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For twenty-five years I have represented people from all walks of life. I have been legal counsel fo the New Hampshire Senate for thirteen years, appointed by four senate presidents starting in 2001. I have represented high ranking government officials, taxpayers, and ordinary folks with the same tenacious resolve that gets results.

If you need help navigating the hazards that the government places in front fo you, call me.

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Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Criminal cases are the ultimate example of the imbalance of power between the citizen and the government. They involve the full weight of state coming down on the shoulders of a single person. To defendant against the power of the state, you need an experienced fighter in your corner. I have defended all sorts of people from all walks of life and won cases, protected freedom, and returned people to their normal lives.

Government and Public Right to Know

During my thirteen years of service as legal counsel to the New Hampshire Senate, I have had the opportunity to see the lawmaking and government regulation processes from the inside. Whether your situation needs a subtle fix or a more aggressive, litigation posture, I can help you achieve the results you need.

Civil Rights

Our Constitution is a gift to us from the people who founded our country. It protects our rights against government intrusion. Unfortunately, sometimes the people in government do not give these rights the respect they deserve. But you can fight back. The law protects you, but it is a mistake to try to assert your rights without a proper advocate guiding you. If you think your rights have been violated, call me. I know how to fight back.

DWI Defense

DWI is the most commonly prosecuted, serious offense in New Hampshire. The consequences of a DWI conviction can be life altering. To make matters worse, the body of law that has developed around DWI cases disregards our Constitution and stacks the deck against the accused. Protect your job, your family, your rights.

Personal Injury

In today’s complex world, there are many ways that people can harm you and turn your life upside down. When you are injured through the negligence of someone else, you need someone able to assert your rights effectively. I have obtained judgments and settlements for victims or sexual assaults, domestic violence, car accidents, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, police misconduct, and many other wrongful acts.

Official Misconduct

The government. Your town. Your school district. You're county. Your state. They are YOURS. They only have the power that you have given them, through your elected lawmakers. Sadly, there are people in government who fail to recognize the limits of their power. If your government is not serving you, you may have a remedy. I know what to do.

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